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  • December 20th, 2015
  2016 Fundraiser Plans Announced
  By Mike Sherwood
In an effort to raise the level of competitiveness for the Charlotte 49ers Rugby Club, we are reaching out to our Alumni network to request your support. As you are probably aware, the Charlotte region (and surrounding States) has a very competitive High School Rugby program. Unfortunately, many of the top High School players in the Charlotte Region are choosing to move out of the area to play rugby at other Universities. With the addition of a new Coach (Brent "Bo" Pasko), continued contribution from John Brown and a strong group of young players, our goal is to WIN the Southern Conference (http://www.rugbysouthernconference.com) and earn a bid to USA Rugby Nationals. In order to achieve these goals, the team needs to attract TOP local (and regional) talent to the Charlotte program.

WHAT IF.you were given a chance to play rugby in College and receive a SCHOLARSHIP back in the day?
WHAT IF we can help the Charlotte 49er Rugby Club compete to win SoCon within the next 2-3 years?
WHAT IF the alumni were kept updated on a regular basis on the status of the Club?
WHAT IF you can get a tax write-off for making a donation to the Club that either helped or hurt your career?!?!
All GREAT ideas that can and will happen if you can provide your support!

Goal: Raise an initial $10,000 for scholarships to be used over the next 2-3 years

Donation Levels:
Gold ($2500) - This level of donation will allow the club to provide 1-2 scholarships and bring top talent into the club. This will make a significant impact to our program. For your contribution, you will receive: limited edition 49ers rugby polo shirt; Charlotte 49ers rugby Club rugby ball; 49ers rugby T-shirt; 49ers rugby sticker and of course, free admission to the Alumni game/party.

Green ($1000) - This level would provide significant funding for one of the scholarships we are hoping to issue.
For your contribution, you will receive: Charlotte 49ers rugby Club rugby ball; 49ers rugby T-shirt; 49ers rugby sticker and, of course, free admission to the Alumni game/party

White ($250) - This level is reserved for those that showed up to a few practices, maybe played with the team long enough to order a custom T-shirt or to steal a game jersey. For your contribution, you will receive: 49ers rugby T-shirt; 49ers rugby sticker.

Motley (Depends on mood and bank account, every dollar helps) - This level is reserved for those of you that enjoy the comradery of randomly finding teams to play for. You show up for tournaments in strange cities carrying your kit looking for a spot on the field. For your contribution, you will receive: Satisfaction of knowing that you are helping out a Club that helped you out.

HOW can you donate?
• Leverage the PayPal account for easy payments. Use the PayPal account link in the upper right hand corner of this page.
• Mail a check (payable to UNCC Rugby Alumni Association):
Charlotte 49ers Men's Rugby
9201 University City Blvd.
Suite 212, Mailbox 155
Charlotte, NC 28223

UNCC Alumni Association Tax ID: 26-4023364
NOTE: Please check if your employer has a matching-gift program. The Alumni association is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization so your gifts can be matched and will double your contribution with minimal effort." The scholarships will be awarded by a committee comprised of select Alumni along with the Charlotte 49er Rugby Coaches. We realize everyone works hard to earn a living and make ends meet. ANY donations would help the Club towards their goal of improving the overall competitiveness and make all of us proud to have played for the 49ers!!!

  • December 15st, 2015
  By Mike Sherwood
  There are A LOT of exciting things taking place with Charlotte 49er Rugby and we will begin providing you regular updates on our progress. The team is at an exciting place having a new coach, new officers, a young/competitive team and most importantly, GOALS for the Club. In this letter, you will find an overview/update on the Club, along with the goals that the team wants to achieve over the next three seasons. Please make sure to visit the new website at www.49ersRugby.com to follow the progress.

Our conference:
http://www.rugbysouthernconference.com (SoCon) • We play in the DII Southern Rugby Conference. We play 15�s during the fall as our matrix season and conference 7�s during the spring, along with additional non matrix 15�s matches.
• Two divisions: Dogwood and Palmetto.
• Dogwood: App, Elon, UNCG, ECU, UNCC, WCU
• Palmetto: UNCW, Furman, Coastal Carolina, College of Charleston, Citadel, Lander
• Top two from each division play each other in the playoffs. Winner of each division squares off for the conference championship.
• SoCon has two bids for the USA Rugby playoffs, top two who play in finals make it to USA Rugby playoffs. This year UNCW won and is going to the �sweet 16�, Coastal will then play Salisbury for a play-in match.
• Palmetto division is the stronger division as of late. UNCW has won two of the last 3 years, and Furman won last year.
• In 2013 UNCW beat us in the Conference Playoff finals.
• This Fall (2015), the Club went 3-2 beating Elon, UNCG and a decisive victory over Western (109-0). We lost to App 10-24 and ECU 14-55

• Brent �Bo� Pasko - Coach
• John Brown - Coach
• Barry Tidd - Assistant Coach
• Stewart Isaacs - Rookies Coach (focused on getting rookies up to speed quickly)

GOALS of the CLUB (specific to performance in the Conference):
• Fall 2016 - Finish in the top 2 within the division to make it to the SoCon playoffs
• Fall 2017 - Win the division and finish in the top 2 of SoCon (earning a bid to the USA Rugby playoffs)
• Fall 2018 - Win SoCon and be competitive in the USA Rugby Playoffs

Initiatives that the Club is focused on:
   - Create a rugby culture focused on winning and being competitive.
   - A culture that pulls the players into all Club activities (game, practice, fundraiser, social)
   - Minimum of 40 people committed to this culture = a thriving Club
   - Increased communication with Alumni.
   - Updates on schedule/standings and the overall going-ons of the Club
   - Live game updates via Twitter and Instagram
   - Newly launched website for Alumni
   - Establish a sponsorship program with local businesses, great way to raise funds
   - NOTE: First sponsorship was secured for $1,000 from OrthoCarolina
Brand Recognition:
   - Rebranding of the club
   - Align with Charlotte (logo, approach, etc)
   - Leverage scholarships to attract top High School rugby talent
   - Focus on NC and surrounding States
   - Bo Pasko is the former High School coach from North Meck and is involved in the NC High School All Star Program
   - Both Bo and John are already attending High School camps, games and programs to raise awareness of 49er Rugby while recruiting talent
   - Club to participate in several fundraisers every year
   - Established formal fundraising position on the team to drive consistent participation

Please make sure to visit the new website: www.49ersRugby.com to keep up-to-date with all of the latest information and news from the Club. If you are interested in supporting the Club via donations (Tax deductible) or with your time, please see the link at the upper right of this page.

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